The Distinct Network Packet Sniffing Toolkit has been discontinued.

Developers interested in scheduling automatic captures of packets and network statistics should consider instead Distinct Network Monitor, a packet sniffing tool and protocol analyzer which starting from version 5.1 incorporates a scheduler that allows you to run a scheduled collection of network traffic statistics or packet captures.

The ability to schedule a packet capture combined with the ability to export packets to other formats, including CSV, libcap or text format, gives you a very powerful way to further analyze the network traffic.

You try Distinct Network Monitor now at a fraction of its full cost through our special 30-day rental offer by following this link:

Network Monitor - Rental Version

You will be redirected to the Distinct Store on Fastspring will process your order and send you an order confirmation via email. 


"Good packet-decoding features and clear explanation of their contents make this a useful tool for troubleshooting a wide range of network problems"
Dave Mitchell, PC PRO August 2003

"It is simple, easy to use and it works properly"
Christopher Santander, Thomson ISR, France

"I find that your tool is so much easier to use than any of the Microsoft provided administration tools"
Michael Houle, Serenity Software. MA

"It paid for itself many times over … getting to snoop packets off the network was incomparably useful. I've recommended it to dozens of people in the most glowing terms."
Bob Stein, Visibone, FL

" … simple to install, intuitive to operate and didn't need a System Engineer to assist me with its usage … I've seen some of the ones that cost literally 10 times more but they did not impress me as much."
John Bates, Pembroke, NH

Affiliate program
We offer 15% of the customer’s purchase price of Distinct Network Monitor. That can be as much as $209.25 on the sale of a single copy of DNM with subscription.
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